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Choosing the correct kind of door for your home. The choices of doors are endless, but there are certain things to bear in mind before choosing a door. The most important consideration for choosing a new door — internal or external — is that it fits in with the style of the environment. What type of house do you have — modern, traditional, country or townhouse?

Western Doors and Windows supply a wide a multitude of door designs and styles, ranging from the traditional to the more modern and contemporary ones. A choice of glass designs is available, and our glazed doors arrive with the glass ready fitted, so there is no need for glazing to be carried out on site.

Correctly measure your door frame or opening.

The height, width and depth of the door frame are important, but equally, the frame needs to be square and true. If the frame is not square, then the fitting may take more time and be somewhat more complex. Always buy a door that is either the right size or slightly too big so that it can be cut down to size on site.

The frame and threshold should both be checked for signs of wear or damage and ensure that the frame is fitted securely to the wall.


Choosing a window. The most important criterion in choosing your windows? THE LOOK!

No point trying to tell you what look to go for - thats up to you. However, we can help with some practical things that should be considered when choosing windows for your home.


Aluminium windows have always been recognized for their durability and ease of maintenance - no painting, just a wipe over with a damp cloth usually restores them to "as new" condition. Now they're also known for their good looks. Available in a choice of colours, the new generation of aluminium frames are an aesthetic feature and not just a fucntional one.

Window Types

There are a number of window types to choose from and each has its own advantages.

  • The sliding window - Australia's favourite - is a practical, simple and good value for money. It offers large glass areas, clean lines and ventilation by a simple slide of the sash.
  • The awning window is hinged at the top. Great for maintaining air flow even during rainy days.
  • The double hung window is perfect for locations that have external space restrictions as no part opens outward. Furthermore, the sliding top and bottom sashes allow for great ventilation - warm air out the top, cool air in below.
  • The casement window for that touch of class and elegance. Fantastic for takiing advantage of cross breezes and opening a room to the outdoors.
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    Our team of skilled craftsmen have many years of experience in the manufacturing of aluminium doors and window frames. We have brought them together to offer you the highest quality manufactured doors and windows.

    Using cutting edge technology, we can guarantee the finest quality craftsmanship.

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